4-in-1 kick off activityThe Department of Health Regional Office XII headed by Director Francisco V. Mateo, MD, MPH, CESE, in partnership with the City Health Office, General Santos City and United Private Midwives of GSC Inc. successfully celebrated 4 in 1 Kick Off last August 1, 2016 for Family Planning and Breastfeeding Month, Lung and School-Based Immunization Month. It started with a motorcade around General Santos City participated in by different partners and stakeholders from the private/government hospitals, birthing homes, OB-GYNE Association of GSC, Pediatrician Association of GSC, DepEd Nurses, Government/Private Lying-in Clinics, Academe, Private/Government Institutions, students, Civil Society Organizations, PNP and Family Planning of the Philippines.

The event was conducted to gain more knowledge about Lung protection, Family Planning, Breastfeeding and School-Based Immunization. It was discussed throughout the program the importance and benefits of each health practices and also strengthening service delivery network among health partners.

Family Planning program is an important tool for the improvement of the health and welfare of mothers, children and other members of the family. It provides information and services for the couple of reproductive age to plan their family according to their beliefs and circumstances through legally and medically accepted family planning methods. On the other hand, Breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years of age and beyond and School-Based Immunization is one of the programs of Department of Health to protect and boost the immune system of the children. It helps in the elimination of different and contagious diseases such as measles, tetanus, and diphtheria which can be deadly if not prevented while lung month helps the stakeholders how to take care of their lungs by maintaining healthy lifestyle,  proper diet,  avoiding smoking and  alcohol drinks.

Dr. Washington G. Loreno, MPH, City Health Officer of General Santos City welcomed the participants. He emphasized the importance and improvement of health service delivery, especially in the awareness in family planning among women of reproductive ages.

Dr. Fatima Emban, MPH, emphasized the four (4) pillars of family planning namely, Responsible Parenthood, Respect for Life, Birth Spacing and Informed Choice. She also stressed the importance of cohesiveness in the advocacy on Reproductive Health/Family Planning.

Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera of General Santos City was represented by Mr. Joven Sienes, Assistant Executive to the City Mayor. He gave his utmost gratitude to the participants and stakeholders for making the event a success in General Santos City.

At 11:00 o’clock in the morning, the Ceremonial Ribbon Tying was launched symbolizing the acknowledgement and gratitude for stronger collaboration/partnership between public and private sectors. Messages were also given by partners. Ms. Mary Joy Chiu, RN, MPH, the Head of Family Health Cluster gave the message for the government sector while Mr. Christopher M. Penales, the Manager of Family Planning of the Phillipines, SOCCSKSarGen Region, represents the private sector. The activity commenced with a Ceremonial Vaccination on School Based Immunization.