RLNC12Regional Laboratory Network Council 12 (RLNC 12) was awarded the Most Outstanding Regional Laboratory Network for the 3rd consecutive year and the 1st to become a Hall of Fame Awardee of the National Health Laboratory Network (NHLN).

RLNC 12 has always been exemplary since its conception in 2015. RLNC had its fair share of challenges but the Council, under the leadership of its Chairman, Dr. Edwin C. Alconcel, FPSP, was very resilient and resourceful.

RLNC 12 is successful because it upholds the core values of 3C’s: cooperation, collaboration and coordination. They have employed these values by reaching out to medical technologists and pathologists practicing in Region 12 both working for the government and private institutions. RLNC 12 also partnered with private institutions in providing trainings to its members.

The achievements of RLNC 12 goes beyond awards and recognitions. As of August 2019, RLNC 12 has 57 institution-based and freestanding laboratories active members and is still growing. RLNC 12 has also successfully formed sub-networks in Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Microscopy with the aim of information sharing and standardizing methods of reporting results. A LabNet Academy was also formed with the goal of imparting to Medical Technology students the values of being a professional.

RLNC 12 has been known to achieve breakthroughs, implementing “firsts” among all RLNC nationwide. Adding to latest “firsts” RLNC 12 was able to hire a Council Manager, with the support of the Regional Director Aristides Concepcion Tan, MD, to oversee the activities of the Council; RLNC 12 was also able to harmonize with the Regulation, Licensing and Enforcement Division (RLED 12) as regard to the requirements for licensing a clinical laboratory and the requirements for the implementation of the 9 Strategies of the NHLN.At the core of RLNC is service. It will continue to strive to make laboratory practices in Region 12 achieve quality service in delivering accurate, reliable, and timely results to its clients.