water refill1Are you sure that the water you are drinking is safe because it comes from a Water Refilling Station (WRS)? Water and food is essential to life. Many look for the expiry date when they go shopping for food but never ask their water supplier if they have an initial and operational permit coming from DOH regional office. P.D. 856 or The Code of Sanitation of the Philippines and its Implementing Rules and Regulation, clearly state in Chapter II and its supplemental the physical standards of a WRS as well as the government requirements in order to operate a WRS. The Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSDW) set the standards and procedure on drinking water quality to protect the public and the consumers. As of this writing the region has 717 water refilling stations, 8 closed for operation mostly due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The region had issued 217 initial permits, 32 operational permits and 14 certificates of

endorsement (those whose water source come from the local Water District). There are still many not complying with the regulatory requirements despite having received the cease and desist orders twice from the DOH Regional Director. In fairness to those who have submitted but not yet issued an initial permit, operational permit or certificate endorsement, the inspection is ongoing by the regional Sanitary Engineer.

Presently, there are 138 requests for inspection and 120 was already inspected and waiting for the issuance of permits if they have complied with the regulatory requirements. It is encouraged that those who have not submitted the request should now submit to be inspected before the end of the year.


Number of WRS

With Initial,


Permit or

 Certificate of


Cotabato Province



Sarangani Province



South Cotabato



Sultan Kudarat



Cotabato City



Gen. Santos City






Table 1. Number of Water Refilling Stations with Initial Permit, Operational Permit

or Certificate of Endorsement Per Province in SOCCSKSARGEN Region as of December 2019

The Department of Health Regional Office XII is doing its best to ensure the safety and health of the drinking public but also needs the cooperation of every stakeholder in order to carry out this mandate.Keep safe! Asks for the Initial Permit and Operational Permit or Certificate of Endorsement from your drinking water supplier!