Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the Philippines and worldwide. According to the Philippine Cancer Society Institute, incidence of cancer is higher among females than in males. Lung cancer for men (17.9%) and breast cancer for women (17.6%) are the most prevalent cancer cases based on the Cancer Country Profile 2020 of the World Health Organization. In the observance of the National Cancer Consciousness Week, there is a need to increase general awareness of the risks and of the treatment and containment of cancer. Along with it, the common risk factors of cancer have to be emphasized as well. These include the usage of nicotine, like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, becoming overweight or obese, insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, lack of physical exercise, use of alcohol, sexually transmitted infection like Human Papilloma Virus, hepatitis infection or other carcinogenic diseases, exposure to ionizing and ultraviolet radiation, and urban air pollution.

If you think you have the kind of lifestyle and environment which can be considered as risk factors of cancer, then you must seek medical consultation for early detection of signs and symptoms of cancer. In SOCCSKSARGEN, the most common screening exams used to detect cancer are pap smear, visual inspection with acetic acid, and breast examinations. You may avail of any of such examinations. Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to do a lifestyle modification as early as possible to prevent such disease from happening. Together, we can help eliminate cancer in the region. Our actions do matter.

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