How Bad is Smoking for You

Statistics reveal that the tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than eight (8) million people a year around the world. More than seven (7) million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke. All forms of tobacco are harmful and there is no safe level when a person is using it. Vaping is also a common trend these days and it is also as harmful as tobacco smoking.

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The Award

Studies show that just like our lungs, orchids are sensitive to pollutants. Both can be damaged by chemical cleaners, smoke from cigarettes or cigars, and fumes from painting, fireplaces and engine exhaust. It is in this premise that the Red Orchid Award (ROA) was born in 2009. This is in adherence to the Department of Health’s Administrative Order No. 2009-0010: Rules and Regulations Promoting a 100% Smoke-Free Environment, which called for the absolute smoking ban in DOH offices, hospitals attached agencies, and government offices. It likewise encouraged the local government units to do the same in their health facilities and other public places.

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Thus, an annual search for the Red Orchid Award (ROA) winners never halts. In each year, institutions rejoice for a job well done not only in grabbing one Red Orchid Award but in claiming the Hall of Fame Award. Hospitals have been lauded for being an example to other institutions in earning the Red Orchid Award. Eventually, big or small government offices never fail to take the big challenge of becoming a Red Orchid Awardee.

Those institutions who will join in the Search for the Red Orchid Award a garnered 75-84% rating will be given a White Orchid Award and is to be declared a runner-up.

Those who will receive an 85-94% rating, will be given a Pink Orchid Award and is to be declared a runner-up as well.

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Those who will have gained a 95-100% rating will be declared as winners and will receive the Red Orchid Award. If they will be able to maintain the award for three consecutive years, they will automatically receive a Hall of Fame Award.

The list of Local Government Units, government hospitals, and government offices that applied for ROA validation is as follows:

Cotabato Province

• Magpet LGU
• Aleosan District Hospital
• Pres. Roxas Provincial Community Hospital

South Cotabato Province

• Sto. Niño LGU
• Norala LGU

Sarangani Province

• Kiamba LGU
• Maasim LGU
• Maitum LGU
• Malungon LGU
• Malapatan LGU
• Glan LGU
• Malungon Municipal Hospital
• Maasim Municipal Hospital
• Maitum Municipal Hospital
• Dr. Cornelio Martinez Memorial Hospital
• Sarangani Healthcare Facility
• Glan Medicare Community Hospital

Sultan Kudarat Province

• Lutayan LGU

Other Government Agencies

• Alabel Bureau of Fire Protection
• Metro Kidapawan Water District
• Polomolok Municipal. Jail - BJMP

Gaining a Red Orchid Award is not just completing the documents required. An institution has to comply with the six ( 6) proven tobacco policies spelled as M–P–O–W–E–R.

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The Red Orchid Award validation must continue in this time of pandemic. The ROA team spent time with these several government entities for validation on August 3-7, 2021 and August 10- 12, 2021. The people who worked so hard for the prizes were filled with emotion at validation. Will the perspiration and efforts to maintain the policies be worth the worry and anxiety that comes with sleepless nights of preparation? Only the validators are aware of this. The declaration of winners will be on December 21, 2021 through virtual.

The ROA Validation Team:

Mohammad Zein Kali, RN, MPA
Regional Smoking Cessation/Tobacco Coordinator

Ralph Emerson Degollacion
Health Justice Philippines (NGO)

Jeus Rey Padilla
ASH Philippines (NGO)

Jenelyn Ellie P. Ventura, RN, MAN
DMO IV, Sarangani Province

Arjohn C. Gangoso, RN

Gene Gabriel Taburno, RN
RHU Polomolok, South Cotabato Province
ROA Hall of Famer
Ranked Number 1 in the Philippines