RD TanWe hear a lot about New Year’s resolution. The idea of setting a motivational year long term goal. Resolution, which is usually broken within a week or months afterwards that makes it a year end disillusion. Resolutions are important. Life is meaningful only if it is purposeful and we make efforts on improvement. Not only that, we need good resolutions. This requires “Janusian” perception. We need to see the past in retrospect and note down the prospect of our future. It is a time to reflect and think about what the past has brought and what will the coming year would bring. A time to analyze and evaluate why our goals failed or become a success. This is also a time to take stock our priorities, purpose, values and goals.

Good resolution must be reasonable, measurable, with specific goal and lifetime spread throughout the year. For this to be achieved you need determination. It is the quality of not allowing difficulties or opposition to affects one’s purpose.

I hope that all employees of DOH CHD 12 will make good resolutions that will make my wishes for 2019 achievable:

  • Procurement of goods & services will be timely and productive
  • Allotted Funds fully utilized and disbursed
  • Real dynamic and committed health personnel
  • Functional Quality Management System
  • HR Prime Level 2 Accredited
  • Institutionalized Knowledge Management
  • Established functional Health Care Providers Network (HCPN) per province and in chartered cities
  • Completion of all Health Facilities Projects with the needed equipment in place region-wide

But most of all, Over-all regional rating as BETTER.