I. Agency Mandate, Vision, Mission, Citizen's Charter and List of Officials

II. DBM Approved Budget and Targets

III. Modifications made pursuant to the general and specific provisions in the FY 2018 GAA


IV. Annual Procurement Plan

V. Major Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation

VI. Annual Financial Reports

  • FAR 4 - Summary Report on Disbursements
  • BAR No. 1 - Quarterly Physical Report of Operations / Physical Plan
  • FAR No. 5 - Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts
  • Financial Plan (Detailed Statement of Current Year's Obligations, Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations

VI. Quality Management System Certificate

VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals

VIII. Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statement and Financial Disclosures

IX. Freedom of Information